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Friday, December 05, 2008


I think Franks and Paul are right, although maybe for slightly different reasons than whether government has the right to intervene. I just don't think it helps, and actually believe it just creates an even more dangerous and costly side business, the criminally minded always find a way to profit from another's misery or addiction. Although it seems that great strides have been made in understanding the basis for addiction, maybe even the biological advantages (with addiction being the unintended side of effect of having plenty! or insufficient outlets for competition, aggression, hunting - I don't know, whatever), most people seem uninformed and under the impression addictions are "moral" issues. The first thing I tell my clients when they talk about "mind over matter, will power or I will quit when I am ready" is that those statements are garbage.

We don't openly talk, discuss or teach children about addictions early on, either in our homes or our schools. We treat the issue of addiction as we do sex, which has achieved us almost 7 billion people, world domination (destruction), poverty, torture, injustice…..I think Ned Rollo (wrote Life w/o a Crutch) talked about natural needs and unnatural solutions. Fortunately, of all my bad habits, that one did not get its hooks into me. But maybe we should be researching and teaching early on regarding the "needs" and how to feed them before they find an addiction trough. Work on prevention, redirection and harm reduction.

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