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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


So delighted to learn about this book, a must read for sure.

I also applaud the courage of Ms. Ficher. People with bipolar and addiction are pervasive in both the MH and SA settings. Still very misunderstood and more often than not intaractable. Everything in these people is highly complex, full of paradox's, hard to grasp because of the emotional labiality that transmutes depression into mania, anxiety turning into creativity, despair becoming euphoria or absdurdity and cinism and so forth. They are both amazing and terrible patients. More than once in my 25 yr career as a clinical psychologist in the addiction field have I got swept and entangled in their contageous highs ...

Khantzian does a considerably good job as a self medication hypothesis defender but falls short with his psychoanalytical myopia and unnnecessary insistence with his exclusiveness, unable to coexist and even include competing conceptualizations.

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