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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


What kind of technology is required to administer this remote contingency management treatment? How do you monitor client adherence to participation and abstinence. How do you detect misuse?

Thank you for your question. The authors of this study indicated that they used the Soberlink SL2 breathalyzer device for the biochemical verification of alcohol abstinence in this study, accompanied by text-message ecological momentary assessments of self-reported drinking behavior. Participants were paid with deposits to reloadable debit cards. Client adherence to participation and abstinence was measured by their responses to the text-message EMA questions and their submissions of breathalyzer results within a particular time frame each day. The Soberlink breathalyzer device photographed the participant during the breath assessment and used facial recognition technology to compare this with a reference picture of the participant to ensure the identity of the individual providing the breath sample. In instances where the facial recognition technology could not verify the identity of the person providing the breath sample, the photograph was sent to the research team, and they verified the individual's identity based on reference photos.

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